Memories of Chadar

I have often wondered, that in this fast paced digital age and in the era of instant gratification, we are losing out on the fine art of seeing. I am often guilty of “shoot first, and review later” syndrome that seems to have plagued most photographers in the digital world. And when I am back home, when faced with the daunting task of selecting keepers from the hundreds or thousands of images that I would have made, I sigh with resignation. Emotions play an overriding role over aesthetics.

This time around, I forced myself to select 36 exposures from the entire lot of images that I made. Its not entirely similar to a situation where one would have had only one roll of film for the entire trek. I wonder how I would have reacted to that situation. Would I have returned with mediocre images that I would have made as “reserve”, in the bag OR would I have come back with none, as I might have been afraid that I would have encountered a grand moment, and not have the film to make an exposure (and thus miss out on the grand moments, because I would forever be waiting for a grander moment). Or I might have captured whatever opportunities I would have been provided to make 36 exposures, and then spent the rest of the trek in contentment ? I don’t know how my mind would have reacted. Either which way, I suppose I would have been forced to see, rather than look.

For once, I enjoyed the ruthless experience of trashing or downgrading the images that, in my opinion, didn’t qualify to be in these 36 exposures. A bit of detachment is good in life.

Anyways, the Chadar gallery is up…