There have been several incidents now, when people ask me “What kind of camera should I buy ?” and my perpetual answer has been “A camera that you can afford, and one that you will use regularly.” And then the discussion goes on and on, where that person is expecting me to take the decision on his or her behalf (just like they expect the Camera to be the one taking all the decisions when making an image), so that they can conveniently pass the buck on to me if they are not happy with the images they make (“HE” recommended me this camera, and the images turn out crap) So, I thought why not I create a new feature on my website where I can provide the thought process and considerations that one needs to go through, in order to arrive at a camera that one might eventually buy.

There have also been similar discussions on scuba gear, so I thought I would put together some notes on how to go about buying scuba gear. Or what should be the strategy to acquire gear. Mind you, I am quite a newbie in this journey, and these thoughts are purely from the basis of my limited experience in this sport.

I might also write a user review of some of the gadgets, apps that I buy and my first hand experiences with them. So, stay tuned, folks… for the first few essays are just around the corner.