2011 Angkor Wat

My maiden trip to Angkor in Jan 2011.


For an unexplainable reason, Angkor was never in my list of places to visit. Was it the rampant tourism or what ? I dunno. But was I so wrong. Yes, its very touristy. But, if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit, you can still get away from the crowds and have your moments of solitude. And its such a wonderful place to challenge your creativity. Probably every angle that needs to be explored, has been captured. Probably ever nook and corner of every temple has been explored. But yet, when you are there amidst the temples that were constructed almost a thousand years ago and have withstood the test of time, its a feeling that words cannot describe. And the side visit to Kampong Khleang, a village bordering Tonle Sap turned out to the highlight of the trip. So much so, that I would be planning my next trip on the flight back from Siem Reap 🙂