2013 Oct – Gunung Merapi Climb

6 Oct 2013. 6AM. I, along with my guide Glondor and porter Tombo, climbed from Selo village and reached Pasar Bubrah around 9AM (400m from the summit) and camped there. We spent the whole day dozing off and taking short walks around Pasar Bubrah. Glondor and I went to the monument to enjoy the sunset. Later, we lit a bonfire and warmed ourselves. It was a phenomenal night, as we were only three of us who had camped that night, compared to probably a hundred the previous night.

7 Oct 2013. 4AM. After a night of restless sleep with howling winds that threatened to blow our tents away, Glondor and I started the final trek to the summit. The first 200m was in loose volcanic scree, and the final 200m finding our own path over rocks that would either crumble or get loose and roll down. We made it to the summit in just about an hour, and waited for the sun to rise.

After enjoying the views all around, we made it back to our tents in half the time. And broke tent and got back to Selo in just about 2 hours.

Here’s a small collection of memories.

Gunung Merapi. Not one to be messed around with…