The programme that I have created – “Learning to See” – comprises of personalized sessions where I share everything that I have learnt on this photographic journey. I do not believe in class room type training, so all my sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 persons. This way you are guaranteed to have personal attention.

The “Learning to See” programme has been broadly classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sessions. You should preferably have a DSLR with an interchangeable lens. If you use a Point n Shoot camera, you can attend the Basic session and learn the composition techniques. I do hope that it will encourage you to pick up at least an entry level DSLR, so that you can enjoy this journey thoroughly.

Basic sessions are mainly in the comfort of my studio where I will demystify the jargon and the concepts. You will learn about Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO and how they work together to create an exposure that you desire. You will also learn 10 basic composition techniques, which when used judiciously, will bring that WOW factor to your images. Even though I believe in getting the image right at the time of shooting and do very minimal post-processing, I will also share some basic post-processing techniques. We will spend a total of 8 hours in the Basic sessions.

The Intermediate sessions will be partly in my studio and partly outdoors. I will share with you everything I know about ND and GND filters and when to use them, how to make panoramic images, long exposures, how to create silhouettes and whole lot of other techniques that you can use creatively. We will spend 4 hours in my studio and 4 hours outdoors.

In the Advanced sessions, we will travel to a location in SEAsia depending on your interest. I usually organize a 4 days trip to places such as Central Jawa, East Jawa, Bali, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap. During these trips, your transport and accommodation will be taken care of. Unlike other tours, these trips will focus purely on photography (no shopping in the itinerary, you can extend your stay if interested). I will be with you all along, at every step guiding you on composition and other photographic opportunities and how to achieve the results YOU want.

If you are interested in this journey that we will embark together and for information on pricing, please contact me.